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A Research, Development & Device Company Focused on Portable COVID-19 Diagnostic Screening Applications

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FDA EUA GRANTED 4/14/2022 – EUA202006



A Very Different Look at COVID-19

InspectIR is the only testing methodology that does not create cross reactivity, which leads to pre-analytical error, based on adding a solvent or another reagent to bind to a specimen for analysis.

There is also no storage of any biologic material in the InspectIR test.

What makes us different:

  • Chemical-lab-in-a-box: we are analyzing breath via mass spectrometry.

  • InspectIR is the first company to make a commercially available miniature mass spectrometer to analyze breath samples directly

Leveraging Proven Science to Monitor Health & Wellness in a COVID-19 World

COVID Breathalyzer

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world into a state of unknown. Like many, InspectIR Systems asked “how can we help?” and began the necessary research. 

InspectIR Systems was granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on April 14th, 2022 after the successful completion of multiple clinical trials.

InpsectIR Systems CNET

InspectIR Featured on c|net

Farewell, Swabs? How a New COVID Breath Test Gives Results in 3 Minutes A newly authorized breathalyzer test examines exhalations to quickly detect the presence of COVID-19. Learn how it works. On Thursday, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency...
InspectIR Systems Yahoo

InspectIR Featured in Yahoo Business

This Breath Test Can Detect Whether You Have COVID-19 in Just 3 Minutes Rapid testing for COVID-19 has become part of many Americans’ lives since late 2021, but now, a new COVID-19 breath test might make it even more convenient to get tested. On Thursday, the U.S....
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InspectIR Featured in Forbes Magazine

Meet The Founders Of The $2.7 Million Startup Behind The New Covid Breathalyzer When the first wave of states started to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in the 2010s, Tim Wing and John Redmond envisioned a cannabis breathalyzer that could analyze samples...
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InspectIR Featured in Time Magazine

The First COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test Is Coming to the U.S. COVID-19 testing has become more convenient and accessible, but with the pandemic still causing more than 30,000 new infections in the U.S. on average each week, having more ways to detect SARS-CoV-2 can go a...
Dallas Innovates InspectIR Systems

InspectIR Featured in Dallas Innovates

Frisco-based InspectIR received the FDA emergency use authorization on Friday for its breathalyzer test, which tests for organic compounds associated with COVID-19 in a person's breath. According to a study, the tests are more effective than the rapid antigen tests...

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