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FDA EUA GRANTED 4/14/2022 – EUA202006

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Introducing FIDO - Forensic Identification of Drugs and Organics

The United States is in the midst of a deadly fentanyl epidemic. It is storming our borders and arriving at our ports in overwhelming numbers. Current interdiction methods are costly and dangerous. InspectIR Systems introduces a solution to reduce exposure risks to first responders and canine search assets. This is FIDO.

A Very Different Look at Medical Screening & Diagnostics

InspectIR’s PNY-1000 system is the only respiratory test that brings lab caliber analytics right into the field. With over 99% sensitivity, InspectIR delivers results that usually take days, in minutes.

Our patented system also requires no storage of biological material, cutting down on waste, and the chances for cross infection.

What makes us different:

  • Chemical-lab-in-a-box: we are analyzing breath via mass spectrometry.
  • InspectIR is the first company to produce a commercially available miniature mass spectrometer to analyze breath samples directly.

Total Estimated Time to
Test: 3 Mintues

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world into a state of unknown. Like many, InspectIR Systems asked “how can we help?” and began the necessary research. The results have been outstanding.

InspectIR PNY-1000 COVID Testing Demo

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InspectIR Systems

Leveraging Proven Science to Monitor Health & Wellness Around the World


Subject Exhales through their mouth into a tube connected to a test kit, much like blowing up a balloon.


Chemistry in the subject’s breath is captured on the patented inspector systems device.


Patent issued measurement process runs, allowing identify- cation & qualification of COVID-19 markers & spectrometry.


InspectIR systems device analyzes and displays results utilizing proprietary software.

The Numbers Never Lie

InspectIR is the only testing methodology that does not create cross reactivity, which leads to pre-analytical error, based on adding a solvent.

Clinical Trial Subjects
Minutes - time from sample collection to results
number of breathalyzers to receive any level of FDA Authorization

The Numbers Never Lie

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Co-Founder CEO

John A. Redmond Jr.

Co-Founder President

Luke Keiser

VP, Sales

Dr. Verbeck

Advisory Board Member

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