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Harnessing AI/Machine Learning to Accelerate Identification & Diagnosis

InspectIR Systems is pioneering the use of machine learning and mass spectroscopy for breath and environmental analysis, VOC detection and chemical identification. We provide cutting-edge analytical and laboratory solutions to sectors like healthcare, corrections, law enforcement, homeland security, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Founded in 2015, InspectIR Systems was created to make real-time laboratory level diagnosis accessible outside the confines of a lab. Our team of engineers and chemists has developed miniaturized mass spectrometers that are easy to use, highly sensitive, and enable on-site chemical analysis. From identifying VOCs on the human breath, unknown powders and liquids to the detection of drug precursors and explosives, InspectIR instruments empower professionals with critical chemical information at the point of need.

At InspectIR Systems, we are committed to continuous innovation and development of mass spectroscopy technology. Our latest spectrometers feature expanded capabilities for quantitative analysis and mixture identification along with enhanced user interfaces. Our R&D team is constantly working to improve sensitivity, accuracy, and speed to extend the applications of our portable instruments.

The drive to make mass spectroscopy more accessible and usable in the real world motivates everything we do. Our vision is for InspectIR instruments and technology to become indispensable analytical tools that provide rapid answers to improve health, safety, efficiency, and productivity across many fields.

Accountability Begins With Measurement

Information In Real-Time Empowers Better Decision Making

The worldwide pandemic taught us a very important lesson, more information is needed in real-time in order to protect the health of the community. InspectIR instruments provide highly sensitive and selective results in under 3 minutes.

Validated Science

Over 11,000 clinical trial participants around the world to date, continuing to expand our VOC library.

The Gold Standard

The mass spectrometer has been the gold standard in laboratory measurement for decades. We have made it portable.

Patented Technology

The InspectIR patented technologies create a portable "chemistry lab in a box" that travels to situations of need.

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