A Very Different Look at COVID-19

InspectIR is the only testing methodology that does not create cross reactivity, which leads to pre-analytical error, based on adding a solvent or another reagent to bind to a specimen for analysis.

There is also no storage of any biologic material in the InspectIR test.

What makes us different:

  • Chemical-lab-in-a-box: we are analyzing breath via mass spectrometry.

  • InspectIR is the first company to make a commercially available miniature mass spectrometer to analyze breath samples directly

Leveraging Proven Science to Monitor Health & Wellness in a COVID-19 World


Subject Exhales through their mouth into a tube connected to a test kit, much like blowing up a balloon.


Chemistry in the subject’s breath is captured on the patented inspector systems device.


Patent issued measurement process runs, allowing identification & qualification of COVID-19 markers & spectrometry.


Inspect-ir systems device analyzes and displays results utilizing proprietary software.

Total Estimated Time to Test: 3 Mintues

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our world into a state of unknown. Like many, InspectIR Systems asked “how can we help?” and began the necessary research. 

InspectIR Systems was granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on April 14th, 2022 after the successful completion of multiple clinical trials.